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Dr. Cathy Ng

Family Wellness Chiropractor


Starting in middle school, Dr. Cathy saw herself having a career in healthcare as a pharmacist.  As she was attending UC San Diego to pursue a degree in biology,  she had an earache for the first time ever and thought she needed antibiotics for an ear infection. She came to find out that the pain was related to a misalignment in her jaw which went away after getting a chiropractic adjustment. She was amazed and decided she wanted to become a chiropractor.  She attended Southern California University of Health Sciences and has been in practice for over 14 years.  What she loves most about her work is that she gets to hang out with cute kids and their parents while seeing miracles happen everyday - all without drugs or surgery.

One of Dr. Cathy's biggest passions is caring for children with ADHD, autism and sensory processing disorders. She is patient and well-trained at adjusting these kids and works closely with their other health professionals to implement the best plan for their development and recovery.

She lives in Whittier with her husband, Jeffrey, who is a elementary school teacher, their daughter Caroline, 14-year-old dog, Kiki (short for Enriqueta) and  40ish-year-old tortoise Gertrude.

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