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Little Ones + Big Kids

Pediatric wellness without the drugs.

When  it  comes to  children,  chiropractic care is very gentle and beneficial  for their overall health and well-being.  Parents have found that children who   get    regular    chiropractic    adjustments   have  improved  behavior,  focus  and  stronger immune   systems.   Children  with  autism,  bed-wetting,   ear   infections,   sensory   processing   disorders, constipation, and many other conditions have all been adjusted in our office with amazing outcomes.  Those who play sports and are under care  perform  at  elite  levels  and have  greater endurance.  When  a  child's  nervous system  is balanced,  they are  better able to adapt  to their environment and thrive.

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Families + Individuals

If it's good for one, it's great for all.

A  wellness approach to health means adopting a variety of healthy habits for optimum function on all levels -  physically,   chemically,  and  emotionally. Your  body  is  a complex  machine  and  requires ongoing "tune-ups."  That's  why  we  recommend regular    chiropractic     check-ups.     Just     like maintaining your teeth by brushing and flossing or getting    your   car's   oil    changed    regularly, preserving  the integrity of your nervous system is important. Adding regular chiropractic care to your other health  practices  can result  in more energy, endurance, and the capacity to enjoy life to its fullest.  Chiropractic care, good nutrition, exercise, rest and other preventative measures are all part
of a wellness lifestyle to keep your family healthy.

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Empowering you to have the birth you want!

Chiropractic  care during  pregnancy  is  a crucial part of  a  healthy pregnancy that can help avoid complications  such  as   breech  positions   and unnecessary C-sections. Proper alignment in the spine,  pelvis  and  hips  will help  the  expectant mother's nervous system to function optimally and prepare her body to be in the most ideal state for the   birthing   process.   This  helps  ease  pain, supports  her  posture and  maximizes space for the    growing   baby.    In  addition,   chiropractic   care    honors    and   supports   the   expectant  mother's innate  ability  to  know  how  to  birth a baby and helps reduce any stress and anxiety that could be conveyed to the baby.

Populations served: Treatments & Services
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